Who Am I?

I’m a dog lover who struggles to leave the beach.  Originally from Fernandina Beach, and raised in Jacksonville Florida, the ocean is a huge part of my life.  I’m using this blog to document journey from the financial world to the medicine world.  During this process, follow my success, struggles and failures.  I drink wine, but it’s ok because it has flavonoids and that’s good for you.  Pour it up, pour it up!

I also love food, luuuuuuuvvvvvv it.  We all know, the really good cheesey, saucy, delicious food is addicting and I struggle.  On top of that, I’m a new student who’s constantly reaching for comfort food to make me feel better.  All I want is tacos.  Lots and lots of tacos.  

I envy those people with great restraint and discipline.  I haven’t quite mastered that yet.  I’ve never turned down pizza.  Not once.   The struggle is real over here.   Tiffany Rebekah

So, I’ve finally accepted that I will never be one of those perfect gym bunnies that drink water and eat grass all day.  Nope, not me and I don’t want to be.  But, what I can do is figure out how to incorporate more healthy lifestyle choices.  So, that’s what I focus on.  

Aaaaaannnnd, I strongly feel that our food supply is corrupt.  Information about health is often tailored towards making a profit.  Frankly, I have trust issues.  I don’t believe you have to follow a particular diet to be healthy.  Everything in moderation.  So even though I can be satisfied with tacos and pizza everyday, it’s not healthy.  So my blog will focus on things I learn, food that I eat, places that I travel and overall life in medical school as a non traditional student.  


Thank you God for all of my failures.  They have made me stronger, more determined, more persistent, and greatly appreciative of the life I’ve been blessed to live. 

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  1. Thanks for the like, there is so much to natural foods it’s amazing I heard the other day a doctor was curing most of his patients by telling them to drink more water. What we don’t know can indeed harm us. I love your blog and anything to do with health too!

    1. Hi George, No Charcuterie is not a thing here. I haven’t visited Portland, but I have visited Seattle. I really enjoyed the northwest part of the country. I have a good friend from Portland and she gushes about it all the time. Yes, I’m from the south and Waffle House is a big here. lol The south is slower when it comes to healthy eating, I wish we were as advance as the west coast in that aspect.

  2. Hey, great post. I am also passionate about spreading the word to eat real food. Good luck with the study. I hope you are enjoying it.

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I am immensely gratified that you checked out my new blog and, of course, it is how I ended up here… well, I am loving everything I see. You have really profound stuff here and I will not want to miss any of your new updates.
    Thanks for the good work!

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