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Many topics I discuss on my blog come from things I’ve learned in the past.  It’s impossible for me to reference everything because honestly, I forget where I pick up information.  If I make a claim, I’ll try my best to reference it to the appropriate source. 

Below you’ll find a list of books, research, articles, blogs, or journals that I’ve read.  As I come across new and interesting reads, I’ll post them here.  I’ll give you a brief explanation about it and of course, my opinion.  I encourage you to read and research topics yourself.  It makes for good conversation.  If you have any recommendations for me, please share.  I love learning new things. 📖📚

Oh and leave me a comment.  I love reading your comments!


Wolf, Robb. Wired to eat: how to rewire your appetite and lose weight for good. New York: Harmony, 2017. Print.

Former research biochemist and now health Robert Wolf discusses a paleo like eating program based on his research.  The idea is to help people rewire their appetite for blood sugar control and weight loss, while determining optimal foods for a person’s individual diet and metabolism.  

I enjoyed reading this book because many of Wolf’s claims are based on research and his experience in the health field.  Much of is information isn’t new more so of a confirmation of things I have already learned. 

Wolf does a good job of explains the science behind his his diet recommendations.  Although the information is dense, I appreciate him taking the time to link our diet choices with human physiology.  

Check out my blog post for Wired To Eat here


Davis, William. Wheat Belly. Emmaus, Penn.: Rodale, 2011. Print.

Cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, MD discusses his research and observations from his patients in his book “Wheat Belly“.  He believes a diet filled with wheat and grains is a major cause of numerous diseases.  He discusses GMOs and explains why they are harmful.  He strongly recommends eliminating all wheat and grains from your diet.

To me, this book was more than just another low-carb weight loss book.  He why explained certain foods make your insulin levels spike.  So, I learned the importance of investigating your own blood sugar triggers.  What affects me, may not affect you.  Know your numbers. 

High blood sugar leads to so many health problems.  If you can learn your trigger foods, maybe you’ll be able to prevent certain diseases from occurring. 👍🏾



Kirby, Mitch. ‘When You Lose Weight, Where Does It Go? The Answer May Surprise You’. Musings On Science, Healthcare, And Business 2015. Web. 29 May 2015.

This post was a gem of a find, I mean really.  I’ve always wondered what happened to that excess weight.  Kirby’s explanation was right on point.  It really makes sense if you understand cellular respiration.  He basically says we lose water weight, which I knew, and we breathe out CO2, which I never considered.  How about that!


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