Reviewing The Island of Grenada

Grenada, West Indies


The majority of my adult life I dreamed of moving to an island in the Caribbean and living the good life.  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever really think my dream would become a reality.  And then I moved to Grenada.  However, the good life consists of me studying day in and day out working towards a medical degree.  Lucky for me, when I’m not in class I get to enjoy my beautiful surrounds.  

Things to do

  1. I Beach!!!  I only require my headphones, a good book, water, and a snack.  I can literally do this sunrise to sunset.  
  2. Hike.  Grenada has many beautiful waterfalls.  You can easily find a local to take you on a tour.  It’s not expensive to go and it’s a great experience.  Just take bug spray.  Grenada
  3. Sail.  I had a friend that owned a catamaran.  Lucky for me, he was willing to take me and my friends sailing when we needed a break.  
  4. BINGO.  These people LOVE their bingo.  It’s like their lottery.  People play for money, cars, and goats.  Yes, I said goats.  
  5. Karaoke.  I’m not the best, but after a shot or two I’m the next Whitney.  
  6. Crab racing.  This was a completely new concept for me.  But it’s actually a big thing in Grenada.  You pick a crab, they are placed in the middle of a giant sand drawn circle, and which ever carb leaves the circle first wins.   
  7. Night Life.  If you’re in your 20s you’ll like Bananas.  You’ll find mostly SGU students there mixed with a few locals.  If you’re looking for a more authentic experience then you may like Fantazia.  The crowd is more mature (late 20’s and above) and it’s less crowded than Bananas.  
  8. Turtle watching.  OMG, probably the best excursion on the island in my opinion.  I love nature.  These were hatchlings we spotted on their way to the ocean, a very rare sight.Grenada


Sooooo, I wasn’t impressed with the food in Grenada.  Actually, I was disappointed.  Most restaurants are okay, so don’t go expecting to find exquisite cuisines here.  The best thing in my opinion was the ambiance.  Most restaurants had amazing water views and live music.

Places I’ve tried:

  1.  Umbrella’s probably the most popular because it’s on Grand Anse Beach.  The food and drinks are cheap.  You can get a burger, fries, and a beer for less than $20 USD.  They serve mostly American style food.  (Stuff you’ll find at a chain restaurant)
  2. BB’s Crab Back was the best restaurant that I experienced.  They serve fresh seafood and other local dishes.  It’s in a great location and you can sit over the water.  This place is pricey (for my budget).  I went with a friend and we spent approximately $100 USD for two entrees, an appetizer, and a bottle of wine. 
  3. Yolo Sushi Bar was also very tasty.  It’s vegetarian friendly and has a good variety.  This place is on the pricier end, but not as much as BB’s.  I think my entree was $25 USD. 
  4. Aquarium is a restaurant located on Magazine beach.  It’s in a beautiful location on a less populated beach.  It’s actually my favorite beach in Grenada.  On Sundays they have live music and a DJ.  The food is okay.  It’s over priced for what they offer, but the drinks are on point.  I only needed one rum punch to get right.  
  5. Beach House Restaurant is on Grooms beach.  The food was over priced and not impressive.  It’s only nice because it’s right on the beach, which is also secluded.  
  6. True Blue Inn is located directly on True Blue Bay.  It’s really close to SGU and many students live in the area.  It’s a fun and trendy place to eat and the views of SGU are gorgeous.  The best day to go is Wednesday.  That’s when they have different venders from the area and you can purchase tickets to sample local authentic Grenadian food from each of the venders.  
  7. Prickly Bay Marina is a fun place.  Here, I met sailors from around the world that basically made Grenada their winter residence.  The food is on the pricer side for what you get, but the views are gorgeous.  The drinks are over priced too so it’s best to go during happy hour.  

My Review

Grenada is a small island with beautiful beaches.  It’s a nice island to visit if you’re looking for relaxation.  You’ll mainly find older couples or students.  There’s really no in-between.  If you do decided to come, bring some extra cash because things are not cheap.  

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Goals: Getting My Life In 2017


I’ve heard this a time or two and you probably have too.  I’m actually a planner, a darn good one at that.  I’ll plan the crap out of an event.  Vacation, party, budget, schedule…… You name it and honey I’ve got a plan. What I am not, is a New Year’s resolutions maker.  Some of us assume we’ll magically transform into a new person on January 1st.  As if at the stoke of midnight, your fairy god mother will strike you with her magic wand and say, “wallah.”  It takes a catapillar two weeks to transform into a butterfly.  But let’s be real here; two weeks into the New Year and we’re already back to the same ole shenanigans from the prior year.

“So what makes this year different for me?”, you ask.  I’m using my natural ability to plan and applying it to my 2017 goals.  Normally, I’m a very private person, so announcing my goals to the world is quite difficult for me.  Although I enjoy writing my blog, I still find it hard to put my inner most feelings and weaknesses on public display.  But writing them on the blog for the world to see makes me accountable which will increase my chances of actually hitting my goals.  

Let’s get started.  With my big girl panties on, I sit here listening to “Retrograde” by James Blake on repeat, here we go.  

2017 Goals

My first and most important goal is to strengthen my relationship with God.  I’m Christian and God is important to me.  This year I’m making it a point to put God first in everything I do.  The past few years I’ve been distracted and haven’t spent as much time with God like I should’ve.  This has to change.  This year, I’m following a daily devotional.  Following a daily devotional plan is an easy way for me to connect with God on a daily basis.  I use the Bible app on my iPad and I’ve committed to the “Bible In One Year 2017” plan.  It takes about 20 minutes every morning to read through and then pray.

My second goal is to gain stronger focus and self-discipline.  This one goal will help me achieve the many others that follow after it.  I struggle with consistency and staying on track.  Last year, I was most productive when I scheduled my week down to the hour (using my natural planning abilities).  I even incorporated relaxation and flex time into the schedule.  You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a rock star for those few weeks.  Your girl had a to-do list and everything.  But that was short lived because I became complacent.  Looking back, I got more done in a day then than I do now in a week.  

Increased focus and discipline will help me with the following:

  1. Successfully completing year 1 of medical school.
  2. Exercising 5 days a week which will help with stress, sleep, fitness.  
  3. Resisting junk food!  Lord knows I love to eat.  It might be my favorite pass time.  But, last year I let life get the best of me and ate any and everything.  Plus, I wasn’t cooking and taking my lunch to school.  Well, let me tell you.  My fat jeans have informed me just how out of hand I’ve gotten. 

So in an attempted to begin the snap back process, I went to hit the gym today.  I was met with this sign.goals

What in the world is this?  Now they know good and well, people are trying to get their life right in January and they go and close the gym.  


It’s all good.  I ended up doing a quick jog around the neighborhood.  No excuses!

My third goal is to keep a regular sleep schedule.  Believe it or not, first year medical students have time to sleep if we practice good time management.  But many of us lollygag at night on social media when it’s time for bed.  I wasted so much time making the rounds.  First FB, then IG, and lastly snap chat (which I’m still learning, ahh the joys of being in your 30’s).  Anyway, my goal is to be asleep by 12 a.m. and awake at 7 a.m..  

My fourth goal is to deal with my stress and anxiety in a more constructive manner.  This ties with my above discipline goal.  Diet and exercise are key components; but it helps me if I “write” out the stress.  When I was younger, I would journal.  It was like therapy for me.  I stopped when my ex-boyfriend found my journal and read it cover to cover.  I guess you can figure out why he’s an ex. Right?  

Either way, it helped me express my emotions so I didn’t keep them all bottled up.  Imagine randomly crying because your professor asked you how your day was going.  Yup, it happened.  It just so happen, I was having a terrible week.  But that particular morning, I woke up to no running water.  That resulted in me being late and skipping breakfast and my morning coffee.  Then I missed my bus to class and I had to walk to catch a cab.  If that wasn’t bad enough it began pouring.  Mind you, I’m living in the Caribbean so it’s one of those good heavy tropical down pours.  But like the good sport I am, I sucked it up and reached for my umbrella only to remember I left it because I was running late.   So yeah, that one question, “How is your day?” made me cry.  

Luckliy, I always keep sunglasses on me.  So I snatched those janks on and sprinted to the ladies room to check my emotions and fix my face.


My fourth goal is to make time for the things I love.  Like, I have to schedule it in my weekly calendar.  My classes this term will be in the afternoon, Monday – Friday from 1 – 5 p.m..  The best time for me to make personal time is Friday evenings after I’m brain dead from the week.  

During this personal time I want to do the following:

  1. Beach more
  2. Grow the blog 
  3. Start vlogging
  4. Make time for family and friends

This post will be the foundation to holding myself accountable for reaching my goals in 2017.  Also, I realize that things won’t change overnight.  I’m curious to know what other people are working on.  Share some of your goals and what your plan is to accomplish them.

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Striving to make practical changes for healthier lifestyle.  

Tiffany Rebekah

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Hiking Tips: Seven Sisters Waterfalls

4 Quick Hiking Tips for Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Need an adventure while in Grenada?  How about a hike through the Grand Etang rain forest to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls?  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to see the curious Mona Monkeys and they might just look for treasure in your pockets too.   Grand Etang National Park is home to many more exotic animals such as armadillos, tropical mocking birds, or iguanas.  Lucky for me, this rain forest is snake free 😉.  Worked out great, since I’m deathly afraid of them.  

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

1.  Bring Extra Water

This hike is the truth.  It takes about an hour each way depending on which trail you choose.  It’s not difficult, however it’s not for the faint hearted.  First you pass through a private plantation where you get a chance to see many fruits and spices grown on the island.  Then the trail begins through the rain forest with many options to choose from.  The paths aren’t well defined so I wouldn’t recommend going alone.  Hydrate well before you begin because you will sweat like hot sausages. 

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

2.  Wear Good Shoes

DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS.  This may be a hard concept to grasp, but trust me, flip-flops are a no-no.  I chose athletic sandals because I could get them wet.  The trails are slippery especially after a good rain and you’ll bust your butt in the wrong shoes.  Even in the right shoes, you’re likely to fall in the mud.  It’s a high probability you may end up with mud on your bum, so wear something old.     

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

3.  Bring Bug Spray

Just wear it.  The Zika is real honey.  As of this post there have been 3 cases.  You don’t want to be the 4th.  I’m not a fan of deet but I’m a bigger fan of not catching something from a mosquito.  I’m a mosquito magnet.  I’d tell you to stand next to me if you don’t want to get bit because they will bypass you and bite me.  But, in this tropical rain forest, everyone is fair game.  

Try to wear light colored clothing.  Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

4.  Do not go with complainers

I hiked with an adventurous group, two Austrians, one Canadian, a fellow American, and a few local Grenadians.  Everyone had a great attitude even when some of us took a tumble.  We all had good laughs.  The locals were great and even jumped off the falls for our entrainment.

I’m adventurous but I’m NOT climbing to the top of a waterfall to jump off.  What if I hit a rock?  No thank you!

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

But I could jump off the little fall.  That’s more my speed.  I didn’t though.

Hiking Seven Sisters Waterfall

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

All in all, great trip.  If you’re feel adventurous and outdoorsy, find some good people, hydrate, grab your bug spray and hit the trails.  I promise it’s worth spending the afternoon at the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. 

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Tiffany Rebekah

What’s to do in Grenada? (La Boulangerie)

Get Coffee!

La Boulangerie Grenada

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to play on the blog and now that my semester is finally over a I can start having some fun again.  Yesterday, a friend invited me to La Boulangerie, a for coffee.  It’s quaint little french style bakery/pizzeria complimented with Grenadian influences.  I’d never been, so I was eager to go.  Plus I ♥️☕️ and anything with carbs.  

Grenada, aka spice island is the worlds largest exporter of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, allspice, orange/citrus peel, and coffee.  So the coffee here must be amazing right? 

La Boulangerie is tucked away in the corner of a building across the street from the Spice Land Mall.  There’s a nice casual atmosphere great for reading or writing.  It’s also within walking distance to Grand Anse Beach ♥️.  

La Boulangerie Grenada

While there, I had a chance to reflect on my summer plans.  

  1. I need a new study plan.  I’m going into next semester rocking it! 📓📚📖
  2. I’m going to explore the beautiful island of Grenada 🇬🇩.
  3. Lastly, share my experiences right here on the blog.  

La Boulangerie Grenada

Today, I only came for coffee, next time I’m coming hungry for breakfast.  Prices are in Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC).  I normally divide the price by 2.67 to convert to US dollars.  Menu prices work with my budge (cheap).  You can get a good breakfast for $10 USD.  

La Boulangerie Grenada

Me being the foodie I am, I flipped through the menu and planned my next few orders.  And dinner prices are within my budge too ✅.  

La Boulangerie Grenada

As we were leaving, I checked out their lunch specials.  I’ll be back to La Boulangerie for that too.  

La Boulangerie Grenada

La Boulangerie is a great place to spend the morning hanging out.  I had a chance to catch up with a friend, drink some coffee, and reflect upon my summer plans.  Oh, I almost forgot….. The cappuccino was delicious.  

This summer, I’ll be eating my way through spice island and telling you all about it.  Lord, please let me make good choices!

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Make practical choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Tiffany Rebekah

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas

Las Terranes is a beautiful fisherman’s town located in the province of Samana in the Dominican Republic.  I’m almost hesitant to share my amazing find because I don’t want to see it turn into a major tourist destination.  The town is extremely charming and has kept it’s authenticity.  If you’re looking for a quite place to relax that’s not infested with tourist, this is the place to be.  

Las TerrenasImagine a clear sky, a warm ocean and a clean and empty beach.  That’s the lazy town of Las Terrenes.  The people are friendly and life is slow.  It’s a place you’ll never want to leave.  

There’s a windy road that hugs the coastline with several small huts on the beach.  Most of them offer fresh seafood and cocktails upon your request.  It’s not uncommon for a local to catch your meal right in front of you.  It’s a great place to enjoy a carefree lazy Sunday with the ones you love.

Las Terrenas

This beautiful cocktail was called the Coco Loco and it was oh so delicioso!  It was made with local dominican rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. Dominican rums are great quality and are smooth and tasty.  

Sooo, I’m a little ashamed to admit I had several cocktails on the beach.  However, I’m happy to report I did not have any bad side effects or nasty hangovers.   I was pleasntly surprised and took a few bottles home with me duty free.

Las Terrenas

One of my favorite tips with traveling is to go during the off season.  By looking at my photos you can see why.  The beaches are practically deserted.  Not only will you save money, but you’ll avoid over crowdedness and ultimately have more relaxation time with peace and quite.

Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas

Do you see the hut behind our beach chairs?  The place is called Playa Colibri.    We rode our bikes hear and hung out until sunset.  The staff was more than friendly and made sure we were taken care of.

Las Terrenas is small town and you’ll be able to get around with a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, or ATV.  There’s really no need for a car and I loved it!

Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas

After sunset, we biked back to our rented duplex.  It was a perfect day with great friends and I can’t wait to return.  I can’t stress enough the importance of taking time and enjoying life.

Make practical changes for a healthier lifestyle.  

Tiffany Rebekah

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How To Catch Crabs


My weekend ended with an unexpected lesson in crabbing.  It started when I went to my hometown to visit my family for Sunday supper.  My cousin Cecelia and her family were in town from Arkansas.  It was her birthday so we celebrated southern style with some good cooking and good eating.

Photo credited to Daron Dean adapted from

I grew up in Fernandina Beach, which is located on Amelia Island.  It’s a small island off the coast of Northeast Florida.  

My childhood was filled with running through sand dunes, ocean sea breezes, splashing in waves, building sand castles, and beach cookouts.  

Our cookouts were the best and we ALWAYS had fresh seafood, many times less than a few hours old.  Fernandina was a place where everyone had a trade and locals bartered their goods and services amongst each other.  Neighbors would drop by fish, produce, eggs, chicken, pork, really anything they had.  Our family may not of had much money, but we always had food, good food at that.  




The above photos were adapted from 

This Sunday fun day my cousin Wendy wanted some crabs.  Most people would head to the local seafood spot and pick up a bushel.  Not my cousin.  She said we were going crabbing.  Yes, in 2015, we were catching our own dinner.  But, I couldn’t be mad.  Her and her husband have taken over the family traditions.  Sometimes you can find them selling dinners at the annual Fernandina Beach Shrimp Festival.  Crabs can get expensive especially if you’re feeding a large family like ours, so catching them ourselves saves a lot of money.  

Although, I would’ve headed to Safe Harbor Seafood, a local spot in Mayport, I agreed to go.  As a kid, my late father would take me crabbing.  I really just played in the water.  I never actually put in the labor.  Well, this day I put in work.



So, all the cousins packed into SUVs and headed to the marsh.  As we drove to the pier, I was trying to figure out how this was going to materialize.  I envisioned getting on a small boat and drifting on the marsh as I take in the nature preserves.  Yeah, that’s not what happened.  

Once we got there, I quickly realized we weren’t lazily going to drift along the intercostal.  She had us standing in knee deep murky water holding white strings attached to raw chicken.  And that, my friend is what you call crabbing. 

Unofficial Crab Catching Lesson

  • Get some raw chicken legs & white thick string
  • Get a big crab net
  • Tie the string around the chicken tightly
  • Find a spot.  According to cousin Wendy, they like shallow marshy areas preferably under docks or rocks.
  • Go stand in the marsh and throw your chicken (Don’t wear flip-flops)
  • Once you feel a tug, take your net and scoop the crab into the net
  • Put your crabs in a bucket of ice  

Even though the day didn’t turn out like I had imagined, I had a great time.  My weekend was packed with friends, family, food, and fun.  This is an experience I’ll never forget and I’ll definitely go again.  Check out our adventure with a few of my family members below.  



I’m not sure who this little girl belongs to.  But she wanted in on the fun.  She even caught a few crabs!




Although I love playing dress up and looking pretty, I also love getting dirty and playing outside.  I’m a proud country girl at heart living with no regrets.  

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Eat good and laugh hard,

Tiffany Rebekah

we still got it

We still GOT IT!

we still got itA typical Friday for the twenty-something me consisted of plotting to get off early, getting my nails done, figuring out an outfit, and taking a power nap before I hit the club.  Rarely would I make it out before 10:00 p.m.  My girls and I would roll up to the hottest club around 11:30 p.m. and walk through like “what”.  We’d party until the club closed, hit the Waffle House, and stumble in around 4:00 a.m. 

A funny thing happens to you in your thirties.  Your priorities shift kind of unknowingly.  Being showered and in bed by 9:30 p.m. is absolute euphoria.  Long gone are the days of partying until the wee hours of the morning.  Pour me a glass of wine and hand me my iPad because I have a fun-filled night of pinning ahead of me.  

I love hanging with my girls, but we’re more strategic now.  We’ve morphed from carefree single souls to wives, mothers, teachers, caregivers, bosses, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, and more.  Although, our lives have evolved, we still like to “turn up”.  This “turn up” was in honor of my friend Kirsten’s new job promotion (bottom right).  Now, we “turn up” early because we all like to be “turned down” and in bed by 10:00 p.m. 

we still got it

But don’t get it twisted; we still “got it”.  My friend Melanie (top middle), is now calling herself, wait for it……#sexynewsmom.  She’s a local news anchor and yeah, she still “got it”.  All of us still “have it” and these sexy confident ladies will let you know it in a heart beat. 

we still got it

To get the party started, we met for happy hour and had some good ol’ girl time.  It’s very rare to get everyone out with our hectic schedules.  A few were missing, but the majority of us made the celebration.  we still got itCan I get another margarita please?  

we still got it

we still got itwe still got it

Wait…. Who ate all the guac?


After a few too many margaritas we walked it off with a little shopping.  I’m sure a group of thirty-somethings walking through stores after day drinking was an entertaining sight.  I should also note, it’s never a good idea to shop after margaritas with your drunken buddies.  I came home with two pairs of questionable sparkly hot pants and matching friendship rings.  Are we too old for matching friendship rings? 


The night concluded with dinner and promising fortune.  But honestly, I’m already fortunate to have such wonderful friends.  I live for my girl time.  After a never-ending cycle of studying, planning, volunteering, and stressing about getting into medical school it’s great to hit pause for a celebratory purpose. 

we still got itHealth is more than eating healthy and working out.  It’s learning balance.  I love hitting the life pause button so I can act seventeen with my girls.  It recharges my soul.  I absolutey love these ladies and I will always cherish my moments with them.  Plus, sometimes I need a reminder to know that we still “GOT IT”! 

Tiffany Rebekah 

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How To Change Your Career Path

Where were you at 22?  Well, let’s just say, I’m glad social media wasn’t around to document my shenanigans.  I was however, forced to choose a career path.  Who really knows what they want to do at 22?

I thought I did, but I had no clue.  I just wanted to make money and live a fabulous life.  After living a bit, I realized there’s more to life than just making money and my life wasn’t so fabulous.  

Let me explain how and why I took the plunge.  I spent 16 years in finance looking at numbers, analyzing company sales reports, working long hours, working weekends and in general trying to please everyone.  Why did I stay so long? Well, I was making decent money and I was comfortable.  


My 16 years weren’t all spent in one place.  I worked my way though college as a collection agent.  After I graduated, I became a financial advisor.  My company folded and then I became an insurance agent.  During the mist of all that I was also an entrepreneur.  I worked loooong, excruciating hours.  I was always stressed, tired and borderline depressed.  I felt unappreciated and taken advantage of.  Who was really benefiting here?  It wasn’t me.  

Have you ever sat at your desk completely checked out?  That was me towards the end.  I found myself at my desk googling random topics all day.  I’d search the weather, look up recipes, and health related topics.  Yes, I searched the weather.  I’m a closet nerd.  

Once a week I’d go to therapy.   By that, I mean walking next door to my neighbors.  Shawna and I, would crack open a bottle of wine and have  “bitchfest”.  We’d do more than just complain about our horrible bosses.  After “bitchfest”,  we’d crack open another bottle and have “nerdfest”.  We would talk for hours about recipes or books we’ve read. Her husband would eventually leave the room.  After, years of this ritual, I decided to make a change.  It was reflecting on my natural interest and talking freely with her that pushed me to change my career.


Change Your Career Pathchange your career
University of North Florida

It took me 6 months to develop an action plan.  I had to sell my agency, enroll in school and adjust to college life all over again.  YIKES!!  I enrolled in school and I became a pre-med student.  I kept my decision private for a long time.  I was scared.  I’m still scared.  What if I fail?  Who wants to explain failure?  That doesn’t feel good.   

I quietly sought out advice from my doctor friends.  They really gave me a mouth full.  I almost felt like they tried to discourage me, but from a loving place.  I really appreciated the advice.  They gave me great insight into their careers.  I haven’t been accepted into medical school yet.  I’m applying this year.  I’m taking a huge risk, but I’m so happy I had enough courage to take the plunge.  

My advice to you….

  1. Get a glass of wine and take time to reflect on your life.🍷What do you do in your spare time?  How can you turn what you love into a career?  I know, it sounds cliché, but it’s true.  I evaluated my google searches and saw a pattern.  
  2. Dust off your resumé and just put it out there.  You never know what you’ll catch.  But remember, you don’t have to accept everything you’re offered.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t take it.  
  3. Network.  If you’re like me, this could be a challenge because I genuinely like to stay home.  You can do this organically by volunteering, talking to other parents at your kids activities, or just walking your dog.  I’ve met some many interesting people because they were attracted to my dog.  
  4. If it takes a while to figure something out, don’t beat yourself up.  Change doesn’t happen over night.  It took me 6 years.  

So back to the long conversations I had with my neighbor, well she changed her career too.  She took online classes and was accepted into an accelerated nursing program.  Take a leap of faith.  What’s the worse that can happen?  You fail?  Well, if that’s the case, try something different.

“We only have one life, and it’s a short one.” -Me

Tiffany Rebekah.

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