Homemade Frozen Meals

www.TiffanyRebekahLifestyle.com-4Preparing homemade frozen meals have saved my life.  Seriously, this regimen is that important to me.  This practical process is easily adaptable to fit any family size.  I made this delicious meal in 3 minutes. You read correctly, THREE minutes.  Below, I’m explaining my easier meal prep process and ways to save money.  Lastly, I’ll give you tips on friendly freezer foods and how to divide them into single size portions.    

So many times, I’m coming and going.  I’m ALWAYS busy, so having pre-made frozen meals is a life saver, for real.  Often times I’ll find myself out and I’m faced with a decision to grab something quick or go home and cook.  If I’m out of pre-made food, guess what happens………Chick-fil-A happens.  And, then guilt happens.  With guilt comes stress, and then I’m easily in a downward spiral of horrible eating for a week.  

Let me tell you, knowing I have wholesome, delicious, and ready to microwave food when I get home takes a lot of stress away.  I have so much going on in my life, worrying about eating healthy all the time is one I can live without.
This photo, shows what I grabbed out of the freezer.  This started as a huge sirloin I made about a month ago.  I ate some and then sliced and froze the rest.  I used a FoodSaver, but you can easily use zip lock bags if that’s all you have.  Just make sure you remove as much air as possible.  I’ll show you my freezing process for foods in another post.  

Frozen pre-made beef & broccoli
Frozen Pre-Made Beef & Broccoli


Frozen Sirloin Steak
Frozen Sirloin Steak
Thawed Sirloin Steak
Thawed Sirloin Steak

Meal Prepping

Every Sunday my Facebook and Instagram pages are plastered with people displaying their weekly meal preps.  I think it’s a great process, but I’m realistic.  That’s not going to happen in my life every week.  It’s just not.  So storing homemade frozen meals is a great alternative when I’m short on time or I just don’t feel like going through the meal prep process.  Plus, I’m always sure to have something quick and healthy when I’m in a pinch.  And the best part is, VARIETY.  When you’re meal prepping you’re usually eating the same thing over and over for days at a time.  With homemade frozen meals, you’re not under a time constraint to eat your food before it spoils.  

Once you do the process enough, you’ll develop your own method.  I tend to make 3 large meals at a time once a week.  For example, I’d make a casserole, soup and some type of protein with side dishes.  I store soups in mason jars and casseroles & protein in BPA free plastic bags.  

The Benefits

  1. Quick & Easy 
  2. Healthier
  3. Saves Money


When you cook, double your batch.  I’ll show meals I prepare and freeze as I make them.  But for now here’s a list of things that freeze well.

  • Meat
  • Brown Rice (surprisingly)
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Bread (which I try not to eat)
  • Casseroles 
  • Beans/Legumes 
  • Dairy

Things that don’t freeze well:

  • Most vegetables, unless they are in a stew, soup or casserole
  • Seafood

While fresh vegetables are ideal, sometimes I just don’t have any on hand.  It’s more economical for me to buy huge bags of frozen veggies, that way I’m not stressed about produce spoilage.  I’m always trying to save a dollar.💰 I buy in bulk from Costco.

Under cook your meat you plan to freeze.  For beef I go for very rare, and for pork and chicken I aim for medium.  (Please don’t eat raw pork or poultry).  I under cook my meat because it prevents it from drying out when I reheat it.  Check out how juicy my sirloin steak was below.  Even though, I nuked it longer than I’d like, it was still tender and juice-A.  

Juicy Sirloin Steak
Juicy Sirloin Steak



Give my process a try.  I promise once you get the hang of homemade frozen meals, it will change your life.  I hope this was useful.  

Tiffany Rebekah


Also, try my strawberry green tea detox.  I had it cold with my dinner.  

Strawberry Green Tea Detox & Homemade Frozen Meals
Strawberry Green Tea Detox & Homemade Frozen Meals

Pre-made Frozen meals

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