Reviewing The Island of Grenada

Grenada, West Indies


The majority of my adult life I dreamed of moving to an island in the Caribbean and living the good life.  Never in my wildest imagination did I ever really think my dream would become a reality.  And then I moved to Grenada.  However, the good life consists of me studying day in and day out working towards a medical degree.  Lucky for me, when I’m not in class I get to enjoy my beautiful surrounds.  

Things to do

  1. I Beach!!!  I only require my headphones, a good book, water, and a snack.  I can literally do this sunrise to sunset.  
  2. Hike.  Grenada has many beautiful waterfalls.  You can easily find a local to take you on a tour.  It’s not expensive to go and it’s a great experience.  Just take bug spray.  Grenada
  3. Sail.  I had a friend that owned a catamaran.  Lucky for me, he was willing to take me and my friends sailing when we needed a break.  
  4. BINGO.  These people LOVE their bingo.  It’s like their lottery.  People play for money, cars, and goats.  Yes, I said goats.  
  5. Karaoke.  I’m not the best, but after a shot or two I’m the next Whitney.  
  6. Crab racing.  This was a completely new concept for me.  But it’s actually a big thing in Grenada.  You pick a crab, they are placed in the middle of a giant sand drawn circle, and which ever carb leaves the circle first wins.   
  7. Night Life.  If you’re in your 20s you’ll like Bananas.  You’ll find mostly SGU students there mixed with a few locals.  If you’re looking for a more authentic experience then you may like Fantazia.  The crowd is more mature (late 20’s and above) and it’s less crowded than Bananas.  
  8. Turtle watching.  OMG, probably the best excursion on the island in my opinion.  I love nature.  These were hatchlings we spotted on their way to the ocean, a very rare sight.Grenada


Sooooo, I wasn’t impressed with the food in Grenada.  Actually, I was disappointed.  Most restaurants are okay, so don’t go expecting to find exquisite cuisines here.  The best thing in my opinion was the ambiance.  Most restaurants had amazing water views and live music.

Places I’ve tried:

  1.  Umbrella’s probably the most popular because it’s on Grand Anse Beach.  The food and drinks are cheap.  You can get a burger, fries, and a beer for less than $20 USD.  They serve mostly American style food.  (Stuff you’ll find at a chain restaurant)
  2. BB’s Crab Back was the best restaurant that I experienced.  They serve fresh seafood and other local dishes.  It’s in a great location and you can sit over the water.  This place is pricey (for my budget).  I went with a friend and we spent approximately $100 USD for two entrees, an appetizer, and a bottle of wine. 
  3. Yolo Sushi Bar was also very tasty.  It’s vegetarian friendly and has a good variety.  This place is on the pricier end, but not as much as BB’s.  I think my entree was $25 USD. 
  4. Aquarium is a restaurant located on Magazine beach.  It’s in a beautiful location on a less populated beach.  It’s actually my favorite beach in Grenada.  On Sundays they have live music and a DJ.  The food is okay.  It’s over priced for what they offer, but the drinks are on point.  I only needed one rum punch to get right.  
  5. Beach House Restaurant is on Grooms beach.  The food was over priced and not impressive.  It’s only nice because it’s right on the beach, which is also secluded.  
  6. True Blue Inn is located directly on True Blue Bay.  It’s really close to SGU and many students live in the area.  It’s a fun and trendy place to eat and the views of SGU are gorgeous.  The best day to go is Wednesday.  That’s when they have different venders from the area and you can purchase tickets to sample local authentic Grenadian food from each of the venders.  
  7. Prickly Bay Marina is a fun place.  Here, I met sailors from around the world that basically made Grenada their winter residence.  The food is on the pricer side for what you get, but the views are gorgeous.  The drinks are over priced too so it’s best to go during happy hour.  

My Review

Grenada is a small island with beautiful beaches.  It’s a nice island to visit if you’re looking for relaxation.  You’ll mainly find older couples or students.  There’s really no in-between.  If you do decided to come, bring some extra cash because things are not cheap.  

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